Kazteleradio Joint Stock Company – is a first-rate on-air broadcasting operator of the Republic of Kazakhstan, providing TV/Radio broadcasting for the population of the Republic . Kazteleradio JSC in association with Kazakhstanskiye Telecommunicatsii JSC becomes the leading operator of on-air and satellite TV/Radio broadcasting system with guaranteed broadcasting coverage of the whole territory of Kazakhstan.

Strategic direction of activity

  • Implementation and development of on-air digital TV/Radio broadcasting network.
  • Development of the national system of satellite TV/Radio broadcasting.
  • Provision of the possibility of uninterrupted reception of television and radio signals all over the Republic with high technical quality.
  • Rendering of data communication services.
  • Services on television space bridge and videotransfers.
  • Leading positions in the RK on rendering multi-program satellite and terrestrial pay -TV services.


The basic goals for providing strategic directions of Kazteleradio JSC activity for 2011-2015 are:

  • Establishment of Infrastructure for implementation of on-air digital broadcasting,
  • Phased coverage of population with digital terrestrial television up to 95% by 2015,
  • Expansion of population coverage with on-air Radio broadcasting,
  • Increasing of the number of subscribers of DTH system “OTAU TV” up to 300000 subscribers by 2015.
  • Expanding the list and geography of rendered television and radio broadcasting and data communication services,
  • Raising the reliability and technical quality of the republican transmission network,
  • Development of regional broadcasting.


For achievement of the above-listed goals the following tasks are planned:

  • Execution of measures for the provision of operating life of Mast Antenna Facility.
  • Increasing RTS power supply reliability.
  • Provision of standard climatic conditions for television and radio broadcasting equipment operation.
  • Preparation of working areas and places on Mast Antenna Facility (MAF) for digital broadcasting equipment location.
  • Organization of satellite network reservation of first distribution of state television and radio programs.
  • Transmission of television broadcasting to digital standard in the Republic.
  • Purchase of mobile type stations for provision of standard requirements to low-capacity radio and television stations location.
  • Expansion of broadcasting networks of state radio broadcasting by installation of additional radio broadcasting VHF transmitters on operating RTS.
  • Modernization of infrastructure for LW,MW and SW radiocenters (including MAF) .
  • Organization of broadcasting programs of state radio in LW, MW, and SW.
  • Creation of monitoring and management system of broadcasting means.
  • Construction of a backup receiving and transmitting satellite station in Astana.
  • Meteorological provision of on-air digital broadcasting system.
  • Training of specialists for provision of implementation and operation of a new generation television and radio broadcasting.

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