About the Day of Languages as the Language is a one of the cultural aspects of people

Kazakhstan is actually a multilingual country, as it’s home to over 100 different ethnic groups. How do they communicate? Which language do the Kazakhstanis speak? Of course they speak in Kazakh or in Russian.

Day of Languages in the Republic of Kazakhstan is the 22 of September. Especially, this day is a national holiday and common for all people that live in Kazakhstan.

Language is welfare of the nation. It influences on unity and solidarity of the people. Language is the means of upbringing and support that connects relations of people. The Day of languages is the sign of friendship, relationship and unity of all citizens of the state. People’s friendship, common ground and cooperation are the basic support of building new Kazakhstan.

Every year the organizer of the event named by “El madeniety tilden bastalady” – Language is a one of the cultural aspects of people” is Department of state languages. The contest of readers will take place on Friday. Not professionals but amateur readers and employees will take part in it. It the first in history of Kazteleradio when was celebrated as the game club of cheerful and resourceful between two teams. There are “Dostyk” and “Kazteleradio kyrandary”.

The event consists of four parts: the first was presentation of the group. The greeting`s commands called “En birinshi bakytym tilim menin” in English – The first happiness is my language;

The second was warm-up. Here teams asked questions for each other and then answered to them. In this part every team can show their logical thinking.

The third was Home task. It`s named “Mamandygym maktanyshym” in English is – My profession is my pride. In this competition every team showed theatre scene. They showed their talents as actors, they played their role very well.

The last was captain competition. The captains of every team read one joke. Whose joke will cheerful that captain win the competition.

Generally the game was cheerful and cognitive. In the end, the first place took team “Dostyk”, the second place – “Қazteleradio қyrandary”. Join-stock Company “Kazteleradio” hand diplomas and gifts for every team. In Winning team participated Sadykov Ch, Myneeva D, Tukhmetova A, Onlasynuly A and the captain of the team was Mukhtarov A.

Chairman of the Commission Jarmenov B. congratulated them. This activity was carried out with the support of the leadership and the Commission. This event continued in Kostanay.

The traditional Republic festival of languages among telecom operators “Memlekettіk til – ult bіrlіgіnіn busty factory” (State language is the main factor of the unity of nations) event took place in Kostanay on September, 18 as part of celebration of “Day of Languages of Kazakhstani People”. This event is held for the sixth time. Қazteleradio`s team participated for the first time. In the festival took part six teams. Among them our team got the fourth place.

The name of our team, as you know “Қazteleradio қyrandary.” Defended the honor of Қazteleradio are Alaskarov Vugar, Akimov Michael, Tazhibayev Nurlan, Ergeshova Aigul. Alaskarov Vugar was a captain. The participants were awarded with Diploma of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Kazakhstan and gifts, and have also been awarded the Audience Choice Award.
The September festival culminates very good impressions. Participants could show their arts, love for the profession and to Kazakh language.
It was the great event that every participant reminds it. In the end Special thanks to Kostanay Regional Directorate of radio and television for all their help & support this business trip. Very much appreciated.
If you want to know more about it you could read by this ref:

http://www.inform.kz/rus/article/2590694  and http://kaztrk.kz/kaz/news/society/Kostanajda_dasturli_Tilder_festivali_otti_id1379562133.html