Celebrating of the cultural-cognitive activity «My country»
by JBC»Kazteleradio»

This holiday is legally considered to be a symbol of freedom and power of our Country.From the moment of finding the independence, our nation brilliantly continued the great history of Kazakhstan by new achievements and successful transformations. Thanks to wise and creative policy we won the international acclaim and progress.
In the 13th of the December in the Company was a cultural cognitive activity on the theme «My Country» organized by the Department of Organization and control of JSC «Kazteleradio».

The main goal of the activity is to awake the patriotism, to remind employees of achievements in the historical periods and etc. Before this event by the specialists of the Department of the State language were organized puzzles, crosswords and were published photo, picture, video, literary creative competition on the theme «My Country» among employees and through the Lotus Notes in Kazakh and Russian.

The activity was opened with the greetings of the Head of the Central apparatus by Kozhanova O.O.
The game had been based on of boys and of girls. The name of girls team “Al, kane kyzdar” and the boys’ team “Elit”. The participants of girls’ team were Alieva K, Pavlova L, Boltaeva A, Zhumanova A, Tenekeeva M and in the boyss` team were Dondaev A, Abdildinov A, kulmuhambetov E, Kusainov M, Bilibekov N. Before the beginning of the game Kodekov K sang the song “Zheltoksan – December”. It was very impressive for audience. Familiarity teams each team introduced itself with the motto. In the first round the team “Al, kane kyzdar” announced their readiness by win the first round. First round was named»History of Land»It was given fragments of tasks(audio,video,photoquestions) about famous people culture,art,music,cinema,theatre.Tasks were offered fragments of Kazakh legend film’’Kyz Zhibek’’,songs of Abai and Shamshi. Moreover in the second round two teams could show that they know specific sounds,word combinations,sentences of Kazakh language and terms of broadcasting. In the third round they answered to the questions about popular people in History of our Country and figures Sciences, public figures. Similarly by during of every round was a karaoke. Then every team would guess the song and continue to sing. If one team can guess they earn points.

As a result of this game the both teams became winners,but the team of boys themselves guessed to give the victory to girls’team.
At the end of this activity the Chief of the Department of the state language Mustafina N.B. acquainted with the goals and congratulated all of the presents.
On December holiday specialist from Department of Information Service Abdullayeva A.offered her creative poems,specialist from Department of Monitoring Security Service System Bilibekov N-for technican service , specialist from Department of Corperation Service Suleimenov A -for video, specialist from Directorate of Network Ustroistvo and Technical Support Mukamadieva A-for great summary and the first three winners of the puzzles, crosswords Mukamadieva A- specialist from Directorate of Network Ustroistvo and Technical Support ; specialist from Network of Transport and Using of Communication and Development part Ibrayev B., specialist from Director of Regional Development Department Shamshatov K. were awarded by prizes with logo of the «Otau TV» and by diplomas.

We are sure that acquaint with the literary, cultural creation of the employees and those activities are strengthen the dealings among employees which will guarantee to increase the peace in the JSC «Kazteleradio».