Festive event among students of Kazakh language

«Miss Spring» were conducted in Joint-stock company «Kazteleradio».
Five girls and students of Kazakh participated in соmpetition.
The aim of event is introduction of Kazakh traditions in the hearts of participants of competition, to show Kazakh education of girls as by a future mother and wives.
The leadings of соmpetition were Z.Masimova and M.Akimov.
Z.Masimova- main specialist, Service of co-operating with corporate clients. M.Akimov- main specialist, Department of exploitation of satellite networks
The 1-st speech was given by Chief of the Department of the state language Mustafina N.B.
Before the beginning of the соmpetition the students of Kazakh language entered with their performance. The performance of students became opening of competition in national suits, they depicted personages in fairy-tales of Kazakh.
The personages of the performance were Aldar Kose, Ertostyk, Kanbak shal, Akyn bala, Tazsha bala.
In those roles played A.Kim S.Loiko,V.Malinovsky, M.Pihtulov D.Tenisov, that study Kazakh. The students declared oneself in the best side, studying Kazakh for them appeared interest in a language. Especially well entered and learned poem by heart those students A.Kim, V.Malinovsky,D.Tenisov.
A competition proceeded further.
The leadings introduced to four girls who were taken part to the competition. They were: Askarbaeva Gauhar, Krivenzova Ekaterina Mineeva Dina, Tuhnetova Aigerym. After that they introduced to jury.
The competition consisted of five parts.
The 1-st part was named ‘Kyzdar sulu koriner salemimen’.The girls acquainted itself. Then kyu ‘Erke sylkym’ was played by Sadykov Shyngyz.
The 2-nd part ‘Kyz bala-bolashak zyar,ana… ’In that part they answered to two questions quickly.
The 3-rd part ‘Tal boina zharasyp’. The girls showed the fashionable evening dress. During the fashion show the song was played Kazaktyn kyzdary’ by group ‘Kesh you’ on a board.
The 4-th part ‘Barmagynan bal tamgan’. The girls showed how to roll dough and paid attention to thin of dough.
During that part was played music ‘Zhyl mezgilderi’ on a board.The jury gave the marks.
While girls were ready to next part Muhambetkalieva Bayan danced ‘Kazakh dance’.
The 5-th part ‘Onerli orge zhyzer’. The girls showed it ability,talent.At that time on the screen showed the sliding seat of show ‘Kyzdar’. On every stage of judge gave the estimation. Girls declared oneself real hostess, by a mother, hearth of family. Girls gave an opportunity to prove good manners before audience. On results of judge rewarded girls.
Main prize-Bas Zhylde was given by Askarbaeva Gauhar.
The 1-st prize – Tuhmetova Aigerym, the 2-nd prize- Mineeva Dina,the 3-rd prize- Krivenzova Ekatarina. The girls rewarded valuable prizes. Girls were rewarded by a diploma. Students rewarded by gifts too.