Day of Languages of the People of Kazakhstan at JSC “Kazteleradio”

Presidential Decree dated 20 January 1998 announced September 22 as the Day of languages of the people of Kazakhstan.
The Day of Languages of the People of Kazakhstan was celebrated with colorful concert at JSC “Kazteleradio” on September, 19. The main goal of this event is support process of implementation of official language to the Company and to expand social communicative activities by the competition among the blocks. Since last year, as a tradition of celebrating the Day of languages we had continued as the game club of cheerful and resourceful.

The event was opened by the Chairman of the Commission on the implementation of the official language The Chief Executive Director Jarmenov B. He said that the holiday was timed to the law “On languages” approved in the Kazakh SSR 25 years ago. It was the first document proclaimed the importance of knowledge of a native language. Since then, the country has experienced considerable changes. There were published dictionaries and tutorials for beginners. In 1997, Kazakhstan adopted the new law “On Languages”.

Twelve employees of blocks decided to demonstrate their state language proficiency. During three days they had to prepare and show their knowledge, abilities.
Department of Organization and Control and Department of the State Language were initiators of this event. In this event took part three teams. There are “Kazakh STAR”, “Kulegeshter” and “Tumar”.

The event consists of three parts: the first was presentation of the group. The greeting`s commands called “Memlekettik til menin de tilim” in English – The official language is my language to;
The second was warm-up. Here teams asked questions for each other and then answered to them. In this part every team can show their logical thinking.
The third was Home task. It`s named “Kogamdagy memlekettik tildin bolawagy” in English is – The future of official language in our Company. In this competition every team showed theatre scene. They showed their talents as actors, they played their role very well.

Generally the game was cheerful and cognitive. In the end, the first place took team “Kazakh STAR” (the captain was Andasbayeva Saira), the second place – “Kulegeshter” (the captain was Serimbetov Zaur) and the third – “Tumar” (the captain was Sharipova Rauiya). Join-stock Company “Kazteleradio” hand diplomas and gifts for every team.

At the same time was the quiz competition among employees of the Company by the Lotus Notus. The first correctly answered three were Satiev Bekzat chief specialist of the Department of Financial Control, Izbasarova Aliya chief specialist of the Department of Analytics and planning services and Arystanbekova Asel the specialist of the Department of Information Services.

Managing Director of the Administrative questions Bilisbayev K. summed up the competition. The Chief of Staff Kozhanova O. awarded diplomas and gifts that made in our country to the winners of contest “Memlekettik til menin de tilim”.
From concert to concert, where the employees of Company take part, you can got added evidence that they are able to show their worth not only in work and learning but also in dancing, singing on the stage like professionals.