• In the fifties of twentieth century under the Ministry of Communication of Kazakh SSR Direction of radio-communication, radio-broadcasting and television (DRCRB) was organized for coordination and management of a rapid developed branch – television and radio broadcasting.
  • In the process of development in 1974 the enterprise was named the Republican Center of Radio-broadcasting and Television (RCRB) which was entrusted with executing of construction and operation of all republican main, zone radio relay lines, powerful radio and television centers and other numerous objects of RC, Radio and TV Broadcasting.
  • From 1993 – the enterprise received the status of a Republican production association “Radio and Television” (RPART);
  • From 1996 it became the Joint Enterprise of Radio-communication, radio broadcasting and television (JE RCRBT);
  • In October 1997 on the base of RCRB the RSGE (Republican State Government Enterprise) Kazteleradio was organized;
  • In May 2000 Kazteleradio OJSC was organized on the basis of the Republic of Kazakhstan’s Government resolution #298 dated 24 February 2000;
  • From 2001 up to 2004 – Kazteleradio CJSC;
  • From 2004 – Kazteleradio JSC was created in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “About joint stock societies” #415-2 dated13.05.2003 and the decision of the managing company Kazakhstanskaya Veshatelnaya Korporatsiya OJSC.