Services for corporate customers

Rendered services cover the whole spectrum of satellite telecommunications opportunities:

  1. Distribution networks of national, regional and corporate TV
  2. Transfer of audio and video materials
  3. Live on-air broadcasting
  4. Space bridges
  5. Educational satellite TV
  6. Complex telecommunication projects
  7. Corporate business-network of data transmission and a voice

Corporate networks designing and creation of data transmission and telephony is a priority direction of the company’s activity. Now the network includes more than 400 personal satellite stations.

For the enterprises and the organizations which are carrying out industrial activity in isolated and remote areas where it is impossible or expensive to use the traditional services of communication, the company offers economic solutions with use of satellite technologies, creating full-scale networks of data transmission and a telephony on the basis of personal satellite stations.

The topology of usual corporate networks of Clients – the Star, with central office in Almaty, or in Astana and a number of remote branches. Terminals of the remote branches are connected by means of a satellite Intelsat-904 to the terminal installed at a Client central office, in two satellite leaps.

For reduction of a temporary delay is often used a scheme of topology construction with one satellite leap. In this case, what is acting as the central satellite terminal is the Central station of management and monitoring in Almaty (in Astana) which is connected to the central office of the client by fibre-optical communication lines. With such a scheme, the delay of a satellite signal averages 500 mc, and the speed of any satellite channels of the Client center-branch can be up to 2 Mbit/sec.

Experts and technical support

The presence of qualified personnel, operator opportunities and own central teleport allows our company to ensure the realization of a full works complex for the construction and service of a corporate network with minimal time expenses and monetary capital investments from the customer. The developed service network provides an opportunity of terminals installation in deadlines and qualitative maintenance of clients on all the territory of Kazakhstan. Our experts are trained at the largest hi-tech enterprises and always in a rate of last technical achievements, therefore they can solve any tasks even they seem insuperable.

In the Technical Center of Almaty is organized work of round-the-clock service of technical support, and the employee of service if necessary will give consultation in an online-mode. For convenience of our clients there is an opportunity of preliminary testing of all spectrum of satellite communication services.


On the basis of the company satellite network corporate networks for state organizations, banks and oil and gas production companies are built. Our clients are: Tax Committee of MF RK, Boundary service KNB RK, Kazkommertsbank JSC, National Bank of Kazakhstan JSC, Euroasian Bank JSC, Nur-Bank JSC, DB Alpha Bank JSC, Kazburgaz JSC, Orken JSC, Objedinennaya Stroitelnaya Companiya JSC, Brewery Efes Karaganda.

Used technologies of corporate networks construction (reference to section of Technology, subsection of Technology of Corporate Networks Organization.

On matters of rendering services addressed to the department of corporate sales.

Chief of Department – Zhanna Alekseevskaya, ph. + 7 727 2 646 144, fax: + 7 727 2 717 577,