Techniques of corporate network building

5IF iDirect INFINITI VSAT Satellite system
The network consists of one in roll (from the Central terrestrial management and monitoring station (CTMMS) to the remote terminals) and one or several out roll (from the remote terminals to CTMMS) channels. In roll provides speeds of up to 18.2Mbit/sec with steps of 1 Kbit/sec. Out roll channels work on speeds of up to 4.2 Mbit/sec. Out roll channels with identical characteristics are arranged in groups that allows a flexible approach to price policy for a client.

The first satellite network is formed by terrestrial stations iDirect Remote Satellite Router series 3100, an onboard retransmitter of geostationary satellite IS-904 and Central terrestrial station of management and monitoring – HUB iDirect iNFINITY 5IF, located in the technical center of Almaty. A frequency band – Ku (14/11 GHz). Speed of data transmission is set programmatically.

A reserve terrestrial station of management and monitoring is located in Astana.

Terminals iDirect Remote Satellite Router series 3100 include the functions of satellite modem, router IP, optimization TCP/HTTP for satellite channels, prioritization, QoS in a single device.

The terminal iDirect Remote Satellite Router series 3100 consists of 2 basic parts internal (IDU) and external (ODU) equipment. The internal equipment consists of a router – the modem which provides modulation at a channel level, correction of errors (FEC) and signal demodulation.

The external equipment consists of a transceiver and an antenna.

The transceiver provides converting frequency upwards, amplification of a transmitted signal, as well as converting frequency downwards of an accepted signal.

All the network of data transmission is based on MF-TDMA principle – Multi-Frequency Time-Division Multiple Access, with select of bandwidth on demand and is a high-grade platform for rendering IP services. The removed modems can work in MF-TDMA mode with “fast” (down to each package IP) switching between carriers.

Systems of iDirect Remote Satellite Router series 3100 possess reliability for satisfying military- political governmental and rescue structures worldwide, flexibility and expansibility, appreciated by communications operators. All critical components of the system are reserved, and CECS 5IF allows to create any combinations from 5 artificial earth satellites, any bands and 20 transponders.

The basic characteristics of the system are simplicity, reliability and flexibility. So the use of completely standard SHF components with interface L-band allows to work in any band, to use standard LNB and BUC, if necessary reserving them. Absence at the removed modems of voice interfaces allows to unwrap unified systems of batch switching of a voice for ground and satellite segments of a network. Terminals iDirect Remote Satellite Router series 3100 provide connection of useful loading (VLAN, sluices of telephony, system of videoconferences) by standard Ethernet interfaces.

The priority mechanism allows carrying out differentiation of access rules to the satellite channel for a network applications on the basis of the predetermined characteristics of the traffic at IP/TCP/UDP levels. Use of traffic priority methods will provide deciding on following tasks on quality management of a network service applications in a wide range of real network loading:

  • Reservation of the guaranteed throughput for concrete network applications;
  • Specifying of relative access priorities to channels for network applications;
  • Blocking unwanted network traffic applications;
  • Providing guaranteed temporary network delays for different applications.