Techniques of satellite TV and radio broadcasting network building

Technologies of television-radio broadcasting satellite network construction
For the operation of the National television-radio broadcasting satellite system in Republic Kazakhstan there are three technical centers in Almaty, Astana and Uralsk.

It is fulfilling the following tasks:

  • Distribution of the state and commercial television and radio programs on a network of radio transmitters and networks of cable operators;
  • Distribution of regional television radio programs;
  • Organization of space bridges, videoconferences and video transmittings;
  • Rendering services of multichannel paid TV.

Modernization of a network, as a result of which are achieved the following results:

  • Purchasing, installation and launching into pre-production operation coding equipment and multiplexing equipment of new DVB-S2/MPEG-4 standard in the technical centers of Almaty, Astana and Uralsk;
  • For observance of copyrights and closing of access to a paid package of direct TV has been purchased and installed a system of conditional access of the NDS company;
  • For network subscribers and tariffing of services account of direct TV was purchased a system of billing.
  • For existing subscribers the replacement of the reception equipment was provided

As a result of modernization it has become possible:

  • To Considerably increase the quantity of relayed physical channels;
  • To use a satellite resource more efficiently;
  • To provide reception of the Kazakhstan programs in any point of the republic in the form of the obligatory popular package without a user’s payment (basically for the population which have been not covered by ground tele-radio broadcasting);
  • To realize smooth transfer of a ground network of a radio broadcasting to the digital standard according to the signed agreement «Zheneva-06» which has defined 2015 final for transition from analog to a digital broadcasting for the countries – participants of the agreement, the list includes the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • To organize broadcasting of television channels of high clearness (HD);

To develop a commercial network of direct TV.