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In Kazakhstan there is full readiness for connection of the population by satellite digital telecasting. The Chairman of Board of Kazteleradio JSC – Abaj Kadraliev has declared it during the ceremony of signing the memorandum of cooperation in the field of introduction of digital satellite TV between the Akimat of Karaganda region and the Ministry of Communications and Information of the RК.

The main objective of this project is overcoming of information inequality. Today inhabitants of many remote settlements are deprived of the opportunity of receiving live information in our state from domestic television programs. According to the Ministry of Communications and Information, now republican television channels cover broadcasting on an average of 65 % of the population of the country. Only at “Khabar” and “Kazakhstan” this parameter is about 98 %. Therefore inhabitants of rural remote places are compelled to use the satellite antennas broadcasting for foreign transfers.

The Chairman of the Board of Kazteleradio JSC A.Kadraliev told Kazinform what spadework is carried out, about modernization of a national satellite network of national TV and informed about expenses on project realization.

- As is known, the project includes two stages. The first stage provides modernization of an existing satellite network and maintenance of transport channels of programs delivery up to radio broadcasting stations. At the second stage is planned modernization and expansion of an existing radio translation network of television radio programs. Now we at the first stage. As of today works on transition to the new standard of digital satellite broadcasting DVD-S2 MPEG 4 are completed, – the head of the company said.

- What is readiness of stations?

- As of today start is carried out in a test mode in the whole country. In the preparatory period we have carried out modernization of all three ground transmitting-receiving stations in Almaty, Astana and Uralsk. It allows to generate packages of satellite television-radio broadcasting and to provide trouble-free work of a network. It is possible to tell with confidence, that all stations are ready. I think, we shall finish all works within a month.

- How packages will be formed?

- The free-of-charge package of free approach potentially includes up to 37 channels, including one for broadcasting programs of regional TV. For channels selection was created an interdepartmental commission which, alongside state bodies, includes nongovernmental organizations.

Besides it is included a paid package from the most rated foreign channels. For that user’s payment will be from 540 tenges a month.

- The free-of-charge package provides only one regional channel. Can private regional television channels enter into a network of satellite broadcasting?

- Within a free-of-charge package there will be reserve channels. If newly created or local television channels have a good content, are attractive, their management can address their application to the interdepartmental commission. If the commission certifies that the channel meets criteria and requirements, and give approval, it will be included in a free-of-charge package.

- What was the cost realization of the program so far?

- For the network modernization was expended about 1,2 billion tenge of republican budget money. Modernization is necessary so that with more broadcasting channels charges to budget would increase by many times. The most expensive part is the rental of satellite resources which only for one channel now is about 20 million tenge a year. Modernization allows lowering these charges.

- As it is known connection to satellite digital TV is not a pleasure that comes up cheap. This service will be accessible to countrymen on which basis?

- Really, charges for connection will be of about 25 thousand tenge. It is necessary for a client to get the complete set of the equipment with reception antenna and digital receiver.

Certainly, for the majority of villagers such charges are unreasonable. Therefore, on the basis of a joint responsibility for the realization of such state project, the Ministry of Communications and Information of RК initiated memorandums of cooperation with Akimats. Now they are signed practically in all regions. In particular, these agreements stipulate a possibilty of compensation of expenses for socially vulnerable layers of the population for equipment purchase and installation.

- According to the forecast of the Ministry of Communications and Information, by 2014 the number of satellite digital TV users in the country should reach 350 thousand subscribers. Is the Mission feasible?

- Yes, such purpose is put forward. During 2011-2014 it is necessary to increase the quantity of national satellite telecasting users from 6,5 thousand clients up to 300-350 thousand, that is an increase by 54 times.

Recently we carried out works in the Pavlodar area, as experimental zone. Experience shows, that, really, in rural settlements there is a greater need for providing access to domestic television channels. In only 28 days in the Pavlodar area 600 households were connected, and it is in a countryside.

As it was already informed, in July, 2011 in the Karaganda area will be realized the pilot project on radio digital TV. It is planned, that by 2015 in Kazakhstan analog broadcasting will come to an end.

Undoubtedly, introduction of satellite digital TV will improve the quality and availability of information services and will allow to increase the competitiveness of domestic TV.

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